Change Your Windows 7 Logon Background (Without Any Risk)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone, today is my post that i will start with English language. It is hard for me because this is my 1st time that i write in English. Anyway, at least im TRYING!!

OK, Today i will share with your an application you can use to change your Windows 7 logon background. Why use program while you can easily hack the registry? THATS IS NOT EASY for certain people! and it has it own risk! Be careful with your register try not touch the register if you are not the advanced user.

OK, the application Named Win7LogonBackgroundChanger. Its a freeware that Created by A person/organization. you can check the profile on
*This application works on all Windows 7 except Windows 7 starter Or a Netbook.

OK, what you have to do just Download and use!
Let me show you the step of using this great application before you Download it.

Step 1 : Open the Application (after you Installed)
Click To View Full Size
This is how it looks like, NICE right?

Step 2 : Choose your Picture folder (where you wanted picture for logon background been)
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On this step, you have to choose folder that have the picture you want to be your logon background...

Step 3 : Choose picture and DONE!
Click To View Full Size
Now you done! Congratulation! hahahaha... Its easy just like 1,2,3 right?  Hope you will try this and many great application soon to be introduce to you, GET ALONG WITH ME, YOU WILL GET IT.

To Download Press Download Button Here.
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