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Hiiiyaaaa! Hello everybody! Today, i gonna share with you 3 simple thing to enrich your Facebook when Chatting or Updating Your status!

First lets go on Updating status!

Updating status is telling what is your condition, your feel and what you want to share.
It will be much more interesting when you tag a name in your status.
How to tag name? "Its simple"... Just add "@" before the name! for an example see picture below.
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when you type the "@" and type a few letter, a few suggestion will be display.. So you can choose the name from the suggestion! Easy right? hahah.. Next!

Second, I will Show how to make your chat become more interactive!
Did you Know how to Chat with BOLD font?? If yes, Good! If else, You should read this.
When chatting we can make the font being BOLD by adding * In front and the end of letter or word and Sentence!
This for a word!
This is for sentence~ just the same.

Third, Other than BOLD, You can Make it Underline! Really!
You just need to put underscore ( _ ) before and after you write!
Just the same with BOLD step, but change the symbol. Not using * but _  .....

Final, this is the last that we call CHAT STYLE COMBO! haha i call it.
Its a Combo of * and _. Thats mean, we can make it BOLD+Underline
If you doing this combo, Make sure the symbol are not in wrong position. Make sure * 1st! then _..
Just All that from me, Keep Following me, will come more and nice tutorial!

"Nothing Perfect In This World"


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