Water Drop Effect On Photoshop!

Meet Again! and again in english... =.=" haiyark! My english is weak.. but im trying to be better by practicing it in my blog! Anyone Care? hahahah! lets straight To the point!

Today im Going to Create A tutorial About Photoshop! Its Requested by mky Old Friend!(shes Cute)!

Hahahah! 1st let see the before and after picture...
Clik to EnLarge
whoaa! Simple Effect Right? but sometimes can Live Up the Picture! We go to the 1st  step!

Step 1 : Open Photoshop>Open Picture that you want to add The Effect>Draw a Round on that that picture using Eclipse tool!
Click To EnLarge
Step 2 : Duplicate the Background Picture!
Right-Click on background>Then Click Duplicate>then OK!
Click to Enlarge
Then Rearang the Duplicated Bacground Like this!
Click To enlarge

Step 3 :  Click Background Copy>Click Layer Tab>Then choose Create Clipping Mask
Click to Enlarge
Step 4 : Right click on Layer round Shape>Then Take Blending Option
Click To Enlarge
Then its should popup a Option box! At here you need to..
Click on Bevel And Emboss>Then Set by you own the depth, Size, soften, angle and Opacity.
Click to Enlarge
Then Its DONE! Congratulation!
Dont Worry to explore the photoshop by your self.. if you make a mistake.. just recover it by
pressing Ctrl+Alt+Z!

Thank you for Reading!

"Nothing Perfect In This World"


bleh ajar x???nak gna photoshop ni mcm mana R??????????

tip yg amat bgus! ^^
ngah blaja nk guna PS neyh.

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