Noobies Tutorial : How to share your broadband Internet.

Assalammualaikum! For today i will share to you on How to share you internet with other friend using your own notebook. First of all this Tutorial is for windows 7 because i made it on windows 7.. This called Ad-Hoc.. Alright lets go to the first step..

Firts you need to search for adhoc... how to search? You press start and type "adhoc".
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Then Press enter or click on the control panel option that on the top of search column.. Then a new popup window will appear.
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Okay, here you see an popup appear, just click next on it. then it will go to the next page..
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Alright then! on here, you have to give your network a name, and a password! Remember the password need at least 8 character. Then please click Next.
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this is the loading page after you fill up your network name and password. It will wet up your network. Just be patience for a few second, then a confirmation page will appear.
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Whoa! well done! you create your own wireless Network! but you just create the network, if anyone join it, its still no internet availability. Did you see the word "Turn On Internet Connection Sharing"?? Click on it!
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Don't panic! the windows are trying to make your internet share-able. wait for a few second. And a new confirmation page will appear.
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And then.. POOF! your network now also sharing an internet connection! your friend could search for it just like "How you join a WiFi connection.. Your network will be listed in there!

*Make sure your Wireless Device Turned On before you create This!

Happy Sharing!

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woww.. don't know bout it. thanks dude.

thanks paan.. very interesting info

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